Heart Failure - Appendices

by Michael Greger, MD and United Progressive Alumni

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Appendix 1-Informed Consent

Appendix 2a-Taps

Appendix 2b-Team Player

Appendix 3a-Desensitized

Appendix 3b-Cynical

Appendix 4-Food for Thought

Appendix 5-Virchow

Appendix 6a-Famine

Appendix 6b-Sanctioned

Appendix 7-Circumcision

Appendix 8-Machiavellianism

Appendix 9-Corporal Punishment

Appendix 10a-Feelings

Appendix 10b-Tears for Fears

Appendix 11a-Gross Anatomy

Appendix 11b-The Other White Meat

Appendix 12a-Regurgitation

Appendix 12b-Defensive Medicine

Appendix 13-Depression

Appendix 14a-Great Expectations

Appendix 14b-Depersonalization

Appendix 15-Pimping

Appendix 16-Medical Student Abuse

Appendix 17-Sexual Harassment

Appendix 18a-Nursing

Appendix 18b-Men on Top

Appendix 19-Public Health

Appendix 20-Homophobia

Appendix 21a-Racism

Appendix 21b-Medical Student Selection

Appendix 22-Medical Student Poetry

Appendix 23-Selfless

Appendix 24a-Communication

Appendix 24b-Teaching Exercise

Appendix 25-Medspeak

Appendix 26-Animals

Appendix 27-The Receding Tide

Appendix 28-The Last Great Sweatshop

Appendix 29-Macho Men

Appendix 30-Work Out

Appendix 31-Bachelors of Science

Appendix 32-White Coats

Appendix 33-Poor Judgment

Appendix 34-How the Other Half Lives

Appendix 35-Torturers

Appendix 36-Indoctrination

Appendix 37-Lying

Appendix 38-Lobotomy

Appendix 39a-Cognitive Reframing

Appendix 39b-Cognitive Dissonance

Appendix 39c-Learned Helplessness

Appendix 39d-Social Inhibition

Appendix 39e-Peer Pressure

Appendix 39f-Obedience

Appendix 39g-Authority

Appendix 40a-On Being Sane

Appendix 40b-Put to the Test

Appendix 41-The DSM

Appendix 42-Women

Appendix 43-Drapetomania

Appendix 44-Freud

Appendix 45-Szasz

Appendix 46a-Futility of Psychotherapy

Appendix 46b-If We Were Really Interested in Helping People

Appendix 47a-Nazi Doctors

Appendix 47b-White Rose

Appendix 47c-Fitness Craze

Appendix 48-Drug Pushing

Appendix 49-Pelvic Examination

Appendix 50-Ethical Compromise

Appendix 51a-Medical Student Activists

Appendix 51b-Ethical Erosion

Appendix 52a-Textbook Misogyny

Appendix 52b-Titillated

Appendix 53a-Empathy

Appendix 53b-Pretend

Appendix 54-Swing to the Right

Appendix 55-Money

Appendix 56-Dehumanization

Appendix 57-Time is Money

Appendix 58-MDeity

Appendix 59a-Healing Staff

Appendix 59b-Club Med

Appendix 60-Domestic Violence

Appendix 61-Sleep

Appendix 62a-Semmelweis

Appendix 62b-Bloodletting

Appendix 63-Doctor Sims

Appendix 64-Malleus

Appendix 65a-Eugenics

Appendix 65b-Voluntary Manslaughter

Appendix 66-Drug Lunch

Appendix 67-Motive

Appendix 68a-Hamburger Machine

Appendix 68b-Socialized Medicine

Appendix 69-Hierarchy

Appendix 70a-The Smoking Gun

Appendix 70b-Guilty

Appendix 71-Teaching

Appendix 72a-Drug Promotion

Appendix 72b-Drug Lords

Appendix 73a-Bitter Pills

Appendix 73b-Malpractice

Appendix 74a-Getting Away with Murder

Appendix 74b-Accountability

Appendix 75-Anger

Appendix 76-Opiophobia

Appendix 77a-Uncovered

Appendix 77b-HMOs

Appendix 78a-Biological Warfare

Appendix 78b-Priorities

Appendix 79-Scarred

Appendix 80-Undying

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