Appendix 52b - Titillated

by Michael Greger, MD and United Progressive Alumni

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Gynecologist John M. Smith, in his book Women and Doctors, writes, "I have seen more than one gynecologist walk into an operating room where another doctor's patient was already asleep for surgery, lift up the sheet, admire the patient's breasts, and continue his conversation without pause."[604]

Other gynecologists say that the clinical setting is, "anything but sexy."" During a pelvic," one doctor said in an interview, "you don't have time to become aroused...." He is asked, "How does turning off during office hours affect a gynecologist's sex life? "It's like the chef at a fast-food restaurant who makes the same hamburger a thousand times a day," he answers. "Then he goes home to his family and enjoys a warm, delicious meal."[605]



[604] Smith, JM. Women and Doctors New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1992.

[605] Altucher, B. "Women's Health, Men's Work." Health 22(1990):60.



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